Your specialized digital marketing partner – both for B2B companies and online retailers

We offer risk-free marketing solutions to grow your company and improve competitiveness in the digital market. We focus our attention on two industries that guarantee a permanent place at the forefront of the constantly developing market. We select our clients carefully and work with companies that we know will achieve excellent results from cooperation.


What makes us the best partner?


We focus on two industries and can thus keep our know-how up-to-date on the constantly developing market setting. Our experience and best results are from these two industries. With the help of the latest knowledge, experience and doctrine we are always able to help our customers in the right direction.

Absence of risk

Today, digital services are offered by many operators, promises are made and then broken and pricing seems to follow laws that would be typical in the Wild Wild West. That has given the whole industry a rather questionable reputation.

Pilar clearly stands out from the crowd by eliminating customers’ risks. You simply cannot lose money with us! If we see an opportunity for fruitful cooperation, we guarantee that it will be profitable for you, or else our services will cost you nothing.

Customer orientation

We start each collaboration with a deep analysis of our client company’s business, competition and market. Our services are tailored, based on the customer’s situation and goals and are always implemented in a customer-oriented manner to achieve the best end result.


We make decisions based on data and are always ready to swiftly change the strategy, should that seem necessary. We are flexible in order to get better results and our team is able to change direction even on fast schedule.


Through experience, we learned that the more transparent our operations are, the more satisfied our customers are. We added weekly reporting to all our services, so that you will know what has happened this week, what will happen next week, if there are any issues in cooperation and whether something is expected of you.

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