Search engine optimization for online stores

Increase the number of visitors and sales with guaranteed search engine optimization

Be visible where your customers move and where they are looking for your products. With guaranteed search engine optimization, you can rank in Google´s top results ahead of big competitors, risk-free.

Check your current visibility and that of competitors

Enter the website URL and get a free analysis of your website’s discoverability on Google.

If you have already decided to take the first step in achieving better organic visibility, you can also book a free SEO workshop, where you will receive a clear plan of keywords and topics to implement in search engine optimization.

Increase visitors and sales with organic visibility

Search engine optimization is an investment in your online store´s future. Thanks to organic visibility, you reach a target group which is ready to buy and desperately looking for a solution to their problem and ready to pay to solve it. In the long-term, search engine optimization is by far the most cost-effective form of marketing. Visibility with industry-relevant keywords also testifies about your company’s importance and convinces the customer.

More sales

With effective search engine optimization, you open gates to organic traffic and increase your online store’s sales even on daily basis.

Reach customers who are ready to buy

Be visible where your customers are and reach potential customers without great effort.

Increase your brand value

Your online store´s discoverability increases brand value and is a great long-term investment in your company’s marketing.

Operating model for guaranteed results

1. Analysis

We always start the implementation of search engine optimization with deep analyses of keywords, competitors and content. The analyses serve as a factual basis for whole project implementation and provide direction for creating a successful search engine optimization.


2. Contents

The content on the optimized pages must match the competition. Together with the customer, we create and optimize online store´s text content based on content analysis and make sure we meet the marginal conditions Google has set for classification.


3. Technical optimization

We perform all search engine optimization forms for your online store, including internal search engine optimization, external search engine optimization and technical search engine optimization. If necessary, we will correct any errors and optimize your page for speed.


4. Results and continuous growth

When your online store is comprehensively optimized for search engines, results can be expected within the next 4-6 months. Normally, SEO agencies can reach results only after at least 12 months, but thanks to proven Pilar methods we can accelerate the process and achieve desired results in half of that time. After reaching results wanted, we will continue to develop and increase the site’s organic visibility on a case-by-case basis.

Selected customers

Selected customers