Online store´s social media advertising

New generation social media advertising for online stores

Increase e-commerce turnover and improve advertising revenue with strategic social media advertising.

An audit of current advertising.

We analyse your advertising account and create concrete development proposals for you based on our experience – free of charge and without commitment.

You can also ask for a quote by contacting us using the linked form.

Support your online store´s growth with better social media advertising results.

It is still possible to do social media (some) advertising in a scalable and excellent way, provided the right strategies are used. The continuous development of advertising, sustainable scaling strategies and an active approach create a good foundation for social media advertising. For many of our customers, social media advertising is the main sales channel of the entire business.

Strategies and the best working elements in advertising are constantly changing – we stay at the cutting edge of developments.

Increase sales

When social media advertising is approached correctly and currently effective strategies utilized, significant additional sales await. Through the various social media platforms you can reach almost all Finns, and scalability outside Finland’s borders is almost limitless.

Improve ad revenue

However, any upselling with low advertising revenue is in reality a zero-sum game. The strategies we use and our philosophy towards advertising are based on maximizing profit.

Increase brand value

In addition to the sales brought about by social media advertising, it creates a snowball effect to boost brand value.

Our advertising service

1. Years of experience

Our professionals have more than 7-digit advertising budget experience on several different social media channels. Over the years, we have handled the advertising for many e-commerce sectors.


2. Agility and customization

We tailor both advertising and the advertising service itself to each customer. We are often responsible for all advertising, but from time to time we do it together with our in-house team.


3. No extensive deadlines

Long annual advertising contracts are a thing of the past. We trust so much in what we do that we do not require forced commitments.


This is the way forward

Are you looking for a new, truly flexible partner to implement advertising? Do you want to discuss your advertising possibilities?

1. Leave a contact request

You can leave a contact request through the site. We will contact you as soon as possible.

2. Kick-off meeting

Let’s arrange a short initial meeting and go through the possibilities of cooperation. For this meeting, we may perform an advertising audit.

3. A clear advertising plan

After a brief meeting and audit, we can start our cooperation or at least you will receive our clear plan for the advertising.

Selected customers

Selected customers